About us

Hi, I’ m John, owner of tea shop “King Tea Mall” (In the past our shop name is “KING TEA” which is still referred to threads on tea forums and used on other places like ETSY or etc).

Always I feel I am just like the man who were walking on the “Silk Road” or “Tea & Horse Ancient Road(Cha Ma Gu Dao)”in ancient worlds with many companions(other tea sellers).

Is it a job to me to earn money for my own family living? Sure.

But to me, it is not just a business chance to me. I like tea and enjoy it so much. Puerh tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, White tea etc. Every tea has it’s own characters. Some characters are so different, but every one is a reason for me to enjoy it and every one makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Even without this chance to sell tea, I will just be another tea lover belongs to this huge group who likes collecting tea and travelling to tea mountains, and enjoying tea during every day life and sharing own experience to every tea forum and make friends with others ever from domestic or abroad. It is a so interesting thing and even you want to persuade everyone nearby to enjoy a cup of tea with you.

Thanks to internet, now I have this chance to sell tea to both domestic and foreign markets. Besides that, I have made more and more friends from worldwide, and there are some of them belong to same religion with me as Christian. I am so grateful.

As business, there is no easy thing in the world from past to nowadays, I believe.  Internet is convenient, though we can’t talk with each other face to face like in ancient times to feel the mood with eye contact and handshake. How to trust each other? It is so difficult to build relationship but too easy to lose. But that is because we are people, right?  I am still learning people from worldwide, different culture,  and I am enjoying this process. We are so different, but we also have many same points like enjoying good tea, sharing experience around different tea. I am satisfied.

You want to learn more about this tea man?

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Email: koogyoku@outlook.com