Terms & Conditions

As a professional tea vendor, we guarantee that on every tea from us.
1) Authenticity and legality.
2) Good quality including storage condition generally recognized as
not broken tea body,no heavy moisture, no mold. Also there are others like unopened wrapper or etc. needed not to be written one by one.But if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to answer that.
3) Guaranteed after service.

When you receive the tea from us, please have a check on the quality soon. Though we have checked every one professionally and carefully and make sure of there is no problem before we ship that out.

Usually we suggest checking it from 3 factors before you open the wrapper (once wrapper is opened, we can’t resell it anymore)

Appearance. Some old tea will have tea oil or holes bit by worms unavoidably so please understand that. But wrapper should not be manually broken or repacked. We have taken photos on every tea before we ship that out and send that to our customers.
smell. There should not be any odd smell like fishy or smelly or stinky. Including us, almost all tea vendors take this as one of the most important factor to judge one tea, because we shouldn’t and can’t open the wrapper and taste every tea.
touch feeling by fingers. The pressed tea should has complete tea body without broken. Tough feeling will tell us if there is any problem on it.
If there is any problem or you are not sure with it, please feel free to contact us via email here : koogyoku@outlook.com.

We can’t guarantee that our customer must like the taste of every tea from us and they must have same mouth feeling as experienced, because of varieties on individual interest and variations on aging of tea.

As a tea vendor, we also purchase tea for own drinking from our suppliers, and we can’t make sure we like every tea purchased by us. Indeed, there are variations on aging and storage conditions( under natural environment conditions excluding wet or bad storage. Here I also need more words to explain on it regarding variation of puerh tea, but let’s explain it on my other posts and blog articles). So please don’t ask for refunding money just because you dislike or regret that order after we shipped it out. It will just make us feel very confused and embarrassed. Your understanding will be highly appreciated by all of us.

We have full responsibility on any products from us, so please don’t hesitate to contact me when you have any questions especially before you place order. Here, let’s thanks for your trust and support again to our old customers and future potential customers.