2008 DaYi LaoChaTou Cake 357g Puerh Ripe Tea Shou Cha

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During process of “渥wo堆dui” which accelerates the fermentation manually, tea leaves are piled together to height around 70cm, then poured by water with certain quantity. After that put canvas on the tea piles as cover to keep the humidity on a certain level and the inner heat from going out.  The inner heat is generated by fermentation under enzymes. At the same time, water, oxygen, microbes,enzyme and substances contained in tea leaves work together under this high temperature and high humidity environment. The canvas cover will be take away for turning over tea leaves physically some times and reput on the tea piles. In the bottom of the pile tea leaves are already under the highest temperature and highest humidity, the pectin and polysaccharide contained in tea leaves are easier and more to be extracted out to the surfaces and these tea leaves are glued together tighter. It is so solid even without cutter machine can’t be broken down.

In past, these solid chunks were not taken care by tea factories. Some of them were selected out to be cut into smaller ones then mixed into tea. Left were taken as useless and discarded. But later, people find that these chunks have more sweetness and smoother taste when steeped for drinking. After many tests, Menghai tea factory finally found a better way to deal with these chunks around 2005 year. Firstly, they cut bigger chunks into smaller ones, then after sieving process, smaller ones are steamed for a longer time till soft enough then pressed into brick or cake.

From then on, these tea chunks are renamed as “老lao茶cha头tou” directly means “old tea chunk”. Here “old” doesn’t mean old tea material but the dark color. In contrary. These tighter chucks are usually young but fat buds or tiny leaves which are easier to be bound together.


Sweet, smooth mixed with unique flavor like caramel. Long lasting steeping times.


801 batch.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.

Free Shipping 2008 TAE TEA DaYi LaoChaTou Randome Lot Beeng Cake 357g YunNan MengHai Organic Pu'er Puerh Ripe Cooked Tea Shou Cha

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