2008 DaYi Spring Water (YangChunSanYue ) Cake 500g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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Product name “春chun水shui” can be translated into “Spring (tea) liquor” according to a famous proverb that tea is mostly attractive on “Spring tea liquor, Autumn fragrance”. In spring, tea leaves have accumulated much substances have decisive effects on flavor and taste after long winter and the moisture level is lower than other seasons.

There is another sub name called “阳春三月茶饼” which means “Sunny March of Spring Tea Cake” tells us the season in which tea leaves were harvested.


Yellow tea soup with brightness. Thick taste with depth and rich variations. Refreshed tea flavor with long lasting and high fragrance. Brewed tea leaves are soft and appears on yellow green color with luster. “Bitterness, astringency and refreshment are well coordianted and balanced”

Tea gender:

Sheng cha which will continuously ferment by complicate chemical reaction of Oxygen, Microbes, Enzyme and other substances contained in tea leaf. And this process is called natural fermentation or evolution which will get better effect under ideal storage condition of humidity around 75% and temperature near 20-25 Celsius with airflow and should be hidden from sun light.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.


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