2009 DaYi Gong Tuo 100g Puerh Ripe Tea Shou Cha

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Series and individual product name “贡gong沱tuo” which can be directly translated into  “Royal tuo ” uses highest tea grade on fresh tea leaves. In Qing dynasty, the youngest tea leaf with one leaf and one bud was picked up and taken as “贡gong茶cha” just for drinking by emperor and royal family according to “普洱茶记” a book recorded puerh tea from some respects written by “阮ruan福fu”(1801~1875).

In 2009 year, because of the depression of the puerh tea market, DaYi started a new way to energize this market by making some tea according to the requests and orders. This Gong Tuo belongs to one of these teas ordered by dealers.

Also the recipe of this series was created by tea master Feng Yanpei who has working on production of puerh tea around 60 years and retired as general manager of XiaGuan tea factory. Later, Menghai tea factory asked Mr.Feng to come back and work for DaYi as production manager and Mr.Feng created this tea utilizing his full knowledge and high quality tea leaves from tea plantation belongs to Menghai tea factory.

It has both sheng and shou cha under same name and boxed packaged. Both series are using higher grades tea materials.


Red tea liquor with clearness and brightness. Fermented flavor with pure fragrance and mellowness. Various taste feeling comes from rich tea soup.

Tea Gender:

Shou cha which was manually processed by “渥wo堆dui” technology and which has certain relationship with tea leaves’ blending technology. This process accelerates the fermentation manually and let the tea reach a level which will cost sheng cha many years to achieve. During the process of “WoDui”, tea leaves are under high humidity and heat coming from inside of the piled tea leaves themselves, at the same time oxygen and microbe and enzyme work together on the substances contained in the tea. After turned over physically some times the process will end there, then tea leaves will be pressed into cake as product. But the evolution of tea itself doesn’t end and will continually going forward along with time. The taste will be mellower and bitterness and astringency will keep declining. So “the older the better” theory is not just suitable for sheng cha but also for shou cha, though it is more obvious and easier to understand on sheng cha.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.

2009 TAE TEA DaYi Gong Tuo Bowl  YunNan Menghai  Ripe Cooked Tea Shou Cha

2009 TAE TEA DaYi Gong Tuo Bowl  YunNan Menghai  Ripe Cooked Tea Shou Cha

2009 TAE TEA DaYi Gong Tuo Bowl  YunNan Menghai  Ripe Cooked Tea Shou Cha

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