2009 DaYi YiWuZhengShan Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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Series and individual product name “易yi武wu正zheng山shan” which can be directly translated into “Right Mountain of YiWu”. “Right Mountain of YiWu” means “曼man撒sa” mountain which has largest area of tea plantations during 6 big tea mountains in the east of LanCang river. “Right Mountain” is usually used for separating this mountain from others nearby.

Even though, there is also many explanations to this name “Right Mountain of YiWu”. On wide ranging, it also includes not just ManSa mountain but this whole tea region which should be called “YiWu Tea Region” more accurately.

Here, DaYi didn’t give officially detailed info of tea materials. But from other channels, it seems DaYi collected tea materials from local tea farmers in YiWu. And we assume DaYi blended these tea materials together.


Smoky flavor. Orange yellow tea liquor. Moderately compressed disc cake. Bitterness is almost none. Astringency is weak. Ever HuiGan(sweetness from after taste) or ShengJin(saliva producing) is on medium level.

The most obvious character of YiWu tea is soft taste on tea soup and the smoothness plus long lasting tea flavor and fragrance. These characters will more obvious on tea from GuShu. But here, we can also understand that on this tea though it is made by tea materials blended from shrubs.

Tea gender:

Sheng cha which will continuously ferment by complicate chemical reaction of Oxygen, Microbes, Enzyme and other substances contained in tea leaf. And this process is called natural fermentation or evolution which will get better effect under ideal storage condition of humidity around 75% and temperature near 20-25 Celsius with airflow and should be hidden from sun light.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.


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