2012 DaYi GaoShanYunXiang Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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Series and individual product name “高gao山shan韵yun象xiang” means “High Mountain Harmonious Flavor”. Because “韵象” is a very abstract in Chinese language, so when I see it and aligned with “High Mountain”, I will have some thoughts or rhythm or flavor with high mountain. But I still can’t explain it even in mandarin.


DaYi created this series mainly for making character of small tea region be more obvious which is always not easy to understand by widely blended tea.

It belongs to “臻zhen品pin” series which is a parent series name including high-end tea products during whole lineup of DaYi.

“GaoShanYunXiang” has both sheng and shou series. And both are made from tea materials selected from high altitude plantation belongs to Menghai tea factory. That is the reason why “High Mountain” is used in name.  Sheng cha just uses tea materials picked up some years ago have been put into storage for natural fermentation.


Tight threads with apparent silver hair. Disc body looks yellow green and glossy. Rich taste with thickness and balance. Sweetness well comes from after taste. Genuine fragrance.

Tea Gender:

Sheng cha which will continuously ferment by complicate chemical reaction of Oxygen, Microbes, Enzyme and other substances contained in tea leaf. And this process is called natural fermentation or evolution which will get better effect under ideal storage condition of humidity around 75% and temperature near 20-25 Celsius with airflow and should be hidden from sun light.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.


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