2015 DaYi 7742 Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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Series No. and product name “7742” means recipe was created in 1977 year points to first “77” in the Mark Number, the next “4” means 4th grades tea materials mainly used in this recipe. The grade of tea material includes 10 levels defined by the roughness from the most young and tiny bud of “Royal”(宫gong廷ting) to the most rough material consists of pure stem by “九jiu级ji”. The last “2” means Menghai tea factory which had been listed as No.2 during 4 big national tea factories in YunNan province from being nationalized by PRC till 21st century.

“7742” mainly uses tea materials on 4th grade but there is another thing different from “7742”. Menghai tea factory only uses tea materials picked up 3-5 years ago before pressed into disc cake. During these years, tea materials have been under process of natural fermentation and the green grass smell usually appears on newly picked tea leaves has declined especially when it is in loose condition with much air going through freely.

Here “柒qi柒qi肆si贰er” printed on the middle of the wrapper means “7742”. These are traditional Chinese words had been used for record or calculation till modern Arabic Numerals were learned.


Healthy threads with dark fermented color and apparent hairs. Orange yellow liquor with thickness. Rich taste with variation on feeling. Sweetness comes soon with balanced fragrance.

Tea Gender:

Sheng cha which will continuously ferment by complicate chemical reaction of Oxygen, Microbes, Enzyme and other substances contained in tea leaf. And this process is called natural fermentation or evolution which will get better effect under ideal storage condition of humidity around 75% and temperature near 20-25 Celsius with airflow and should be hidden from sun light.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.




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