2017 DaYi LongZhu Cake 357g Puerh Shou Cha Ripe Tea

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Series and individual product name “龙long柱zhu” directly means “Dragon Pillar”. In China, “龙long”(dragon) has different meanings from west. “龙”has homophonic word of “隆long” which means “prosperous, thriving, flourishing, boom” like “兴xing隆long, 昌chang隆long,隆long盛sheng”. Even though, we still can only find this word “dragon” as a corresponding English word.

Also “龙柱” comes from names of 12 dragon pillars in “泰tai山shan”(tai mountain in ShanDong province). It represents 12 emperors who had went to Tai Mountain by themselves to  offer sacrificial rites called “封feng禅shan”.

Though it still has standard weight of 357g but with disc diameter of 15cm not general 19.5cm.


There is another word printed on the right side of pillar which is in the middle of the wrapper.

“传承龙团凤饼,滋味甘香重滑” which means “inheriting ‘Long Tuan Feng Bing’, taste is sweet, fragrant, thick and smooth “. “龙long团tuan凤feng饼bing” was a gorgeous tea product had ever been complimented in the tea book “大da观guan茶cha论lun”(broad scale tea talk) written by emperor of Song dynasty “赵zhao佶ji”

It uses tea materials completely made from spring tea leaves picked up from organic tea plantation belongs to Menghai tea factory in Menghai tea region.

Some differences from another series “JinZhenBaiLian(Golden Needle White Lotus)”

“LongZhu”                                                  “JinZhenBaiLian”

  1.        tea material          early spring young leaves                                       not specialized
  2.        flavor                              medium-thick                                                  medium-light
  3.        fermentation                medium-heavy                                                 medium-light

Tea Gender:

Shou cha which was manually processed by “渥wo堆dui” technology and which has certain relationship with tea leaves’ blending technology. This process accelerates the fermentation manually and let the tea reach a level which will cost sheng cha many years to achieve. During the process of “WoDui”, tea leaves are under high humidity and heat coming from inside of the piled tea leaves themselves, at the same time oxygen and microbe and enzyme work together on the substances contained in the tea. After turned over physically some times the process will end there, then tea leaves will be pressed into cake as product. But the evolution of tea itself doesn’t end and will continually going forward along with time. The taste will be mellower and bitterness and astringency will keep declining. So “the older the better” theory is not just suitable for sheng cha but also for shou cha, though it is more obvious and easier to understand on sheng cha.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.

2017 DaYi  LongZhu Dragon Pillar Cake    Shou Cha Puerh Ripe Tea

2017 DaYi  LongZhu Dragon Pillar Cake    Shou Cha Puerh Ripe Tea

2017 DaYi  LongZhu Dragon Pillar Cake    Shou Cha Puerh Ripe Tea

2017 DaYi  LongZhu Dragon Pillar Cake    Shou Cha Puerh Ripe Tea

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Weight 357 g


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