2018 DaYi 7592 Cake 357g Puerh Shou Cha Ripe Tea

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Series No. and product name “7592” means recipe was created in 1975 year points to first “75” in the Mark Number, the next “9” means 9th grades tea materials mainly used in this recipe. The grade of tea material includes 10 levels defined by the roughness from the most young and tiny bud of “Royal”(宫gong廷ting) to the most rough material consists of pure stem by “九jiu级ji”. The last “2” means Menghai tea factory which had been listed as No.2 during 4 big national tea factories in YunNan province from being nationalized by PRC till 21st century.

“7592” has once been updated on recipe in the end of 1990’s but the basis is still old “7592”, so this Mark Number is left till now.  The main tea material is 9th grade of rough stem but some young leaves are blended into it to make the taste be more rich and colorful.


Because of it’s rough tea material, the bitterness and astringency is the lightest during all shou cha products, and substances contained in the stems make it a long lasting tea by steeping. Along with the infusion times, liquid will always be faint on any tea but here the sweetness will still be extracted from stems little by little. So it is always recommended for drinkers who are new to puerh tea or shou cha.

Tea Gender:

Shou cha which was manually processed by “渥wo堆dui” technology and which has certain relationship with tea leaves’ blending technology. This process accelerates the fermentation manually and let the tea reach a level which will cost sheng cha many years to achieve. During the process of “WoDui”, tea leaves are under high humidity and heat coming from inside of the piled tea leaves themselves, at the same time oxygen and microbe and enzyme work together on the substances contained in the tea. After turned over physically some times the process will end there, then tea leaves will be pressed into cake as product. But the evolution of tea itself doesn’t end and will continually going forward along with time. The taste will be mellower and bitterness and astringency will keep declining. So “the older the better” theory is not just suitable for sheng cha but also for shou cha, though it is more obvious and easier to understand on sheng cha.


1801 batch.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.

2019 DaYi 7592 Cake 357g  Puerh Shou Cha  Ripe Tea

2019 DaYi 7592 Cake 357g  Puerh Shou Cha  Ripe Tea

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