2019 Early Spring “An Ji Bai Cha”(Anji White Tea) Special Grade Green Tea ZheJiang Province

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*    “White Tea” here doesn’t means white tea as usual, but a kind of green tea produced in Anji of Zhejiang province.

Tea Name: “An Ji Bai Cha”(Anji White Tea)

Picking: 2019 Year Early Spring.

Grade: Speical Grade

Preserve: Refrigeration.

Shelf Life: 18 months.


Compare to high grand ” An Ji Bai Cha”, this tea is made from tiner buds and smaller young leaf.

It is named as white tea is because young buds on tea tree are white color. The tea leaf are near straight with some flatness.  Green tea leaf with silver white hairs. The head of tea leaf is golden and sharp. The fragrance is high and lingers long. Coming back sweetness and saliva producing are obvious.  It has much refreshing taste compare to other green tea or even other kinds of tea, the reason is it contains 18 kinds of amino acid and up to 5-10.6% on ratio which is around 4 times higher than general green tea.

Because the tea tree is sensitive to temperature, it can produce tea leaf in just near a month.

Recommendation of brewing water:

  1. Mineral water or filtered running water.
  2. Temperature is near 90 Celsius and not lower than 85 Celsius. (Too hot like boiling water should be avoided. )

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