TaoBao Agent Service

If you want to buy tea or any other thing from TaoBao (  or JD (

We are here to support you.

Our service include

1) Buy from seller on TaoBao as you request or

you can ask us to select the best one (price and quality) for you.

2) Once we receive the product, we will check the quality carefully.

We will take photos for your reference if we make sure the quality is no problem.

Sometimes, it includes the original package of the product.

3) Then we will repackage it again, and take photos of the packaging progress and let you know.

4) Ask you to pay for it on our site via paypal, and send it via the courier as you requested.

5) We will tell the tracking No, and also send you updated tracking info every 5-7 days for your reference.

6) When you receive it, please confirm that you have received it.

If you find there is problem of the product, ever original problem not found by us(even we checked very carefully )

or occurs during delivery, please feel free to contact us.

There is Buyer Protection Policy (on the footer bar of our homepage) as we promised to protect your full right.


Regarding the commission of us, it is 10-30%.

The original price is higher, out commission percentage will be higher.

That is because of the high risk of delivering expensive goods.

The calculation of the price is below:

①= TaoBao Price + China Domestic Delivery Fee(from us to our handler) +  Abroad Delivery Fee( from our handler to you)

②= ①/95.5% (Commission of Paypal)

③= ②/10-30%(Commission of us)

③ is the end price to you.

We will talk about the product case by case.

Also, we will supply discount on our commission especially to customer buying from us frequently and with credibility.

Any questions, you can feel free to contact us at any time.